Mathias Delplanque

Mathias Delplanque is a composer, a performer, an improviser, a producer, a music critic, an author of sound installations, a teacher, a composer for theater and dance and the founding member of several musical ensembles (Keda, Ply, L’Ombre de la Bête, The Floating Roots Orchestra…).

His work as a composer started in 1998 as he graduated from the Fine Arts School and decided to put an end to his sculpture activity to turn towards sound creation. He since released numerous records on international labels. He collaborated with musicians from various points of the musical spectrum, worked with visual artists, writers, videasts, photographers, film directors, choregraphers… His installation works are frequently shown in galleries and art centers, and he regularly performs on stage, solo or accompanied by other musicians.

Mathias's sound work takes on several main lines and develops through different identities. As Lena, he produced electronic music strongly influenced by reggae, African music and German minimalist techno. Creations under his own name venture off beaten tracks to generate a music both hybrid and organic, intertwining electronic sounds, acoustic instruments and field recording, following an approach inspired by many musical traditions: drone, noise, trance music, African and Middle-Eastern music…

Produced at first exclusively in studio, Mathias Delplanque’s work has morphed into a process more flexible, organic and improvised. Showing a deep interest for live electronic music, he has developed a very personal approach to electronic improvisation, based on the use of multiple devices allowing him to engage the whole body into the production of real-time performances. His live creations usually associate electronic sounds and acoustic instruments, sampled and processed in real time.

Portrait by John Sellekaers.