Le Pavillon Témoin on Cuemix Magazine.com (09/07)

You know the fairy tale about the kettle filled with gold at the end of the rainbow? I think in nowadays it must be rewritten.
It’s so hard to find good music with an artistically claim. In the days of Mp3 music and mass consumption its the smaller labels who adventure in nonesuch music.
Low Impendance music is one of these special labels that do a big service in well-selected experimental music.
With the release of "The Pavillon Temoin" done by the French artist Mathias Delplanque they prove again that the demand of releasing experimental music with substance and background can be enjoyable like a sunny day.
Mathias Delplanque combines acoustic instruments with experimental sounds and produces a mysterious atmosphere. But when I say mysterious I don’t mean scary.. its more like a secret garden. The layers of sounds are like a rose garden. With each step (sound) you get curious what’s behind the next hedge. A wonderful relaxed and exciting atmosphere! The balance between sounds, layers and classical instruments is wonderful. Noises and melodies please your ears and your mind like a summer wind. Yes this sounds a little bit kitschy, but what words would you use for something, which is such beautiful like this album ?

... So what will you tell your children what’s at the end of the rainbow? Wonderful music. Like "Le Pavillion Temoin".